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Bowling with Santa (to be held November 24, 2018)
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Bill C-377 - Important Please Participate

The Building Trades didn't get the support needed to defeat Bill C-377 in the spring. However, it's not too late to make a difference. We need everyone - even those who participated in the spring - to do so again "NOW" . It's as easy as one, two and three.

  • One - go to www.workersbuildcanada.ca website.
  • Two - click on the "mail your M.P." button and register.
  • Three - pick a letter that suits you and click send. It only takes minutes, do all three (mail/fax/email) OR WRITE YOUR OWN AND SEND.
  • Ask your partner and friends to do the same.

Town Hall Telephone Conference Update (September 27/12)

  • 130 were on the call throughout Canada. This is down from the spring.
  • 7,214 letters were sent. More are needed. Participate
  • Canadian Building Trades stress the point - Don't let up now.
  • More letters from members = More influence on M.P.s

As previously mentioned, Bill C-377 would allow Union finances and personal information be searchable online. Members have a right to know where their money is spent and finances are discussed every month. All members are encouraged to attend. It's your money, why should the public have that right?

Where would workers be without Unions? Most non-union workers benefit when unions negotiate a raise for their members as they too get a raise. Without Unions most construction workers would still be working for minimum wage and health and pension benefits would not exist. Unions aren't perfect; however, they still do more for mankind than any other organizations or groups. Why would any government or the general public want to stop an organization that works for the working people? Are they misinformed?

This bill is nothing short of Union busting. We need your support and need more than a few people to make a difference.

I cannot stress how important it is that we have as many members as possible get involved. Below is a direct link to a building trades site with various letters to be used and oppose this bill. Please take 5 minutes to register and pick a letter to email, e-fax and mail your Member of Parliament. Do all 3, it only takes an extra minute.

Screen shot of workers build canada site